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Upcoming events

Advanced Audio Live

Medford Jr Mustangs Yankee Candle Fundraiser

New Orleans Burlesque: Fleur de Tease

Ritmos De Salud – Latin Music, Dance and Cuisine Benefitting …


Bank of America Charitable Foundation and Associated Grant Makers’ Nonprofit Partners Program Present the Nonprofit Learning Institute

The Nonprofit Learning Institute is a series of technical assistance and capacity building sessions. Twenty nonprofit organizations from a broad cross-section of the nonprofit sector will be selected to participate. In addition to the sessions, …



Xtra Xtra Wins 3rd Place in the Local Media Associaction’s 2014 Digital Media Contest

Xtra Xtra is proud to say that we’ve won 3rd place as the Best Local Community Initiative in the 2014 Digital Media Contest by the Local Media Association.The Local Media Association is the only non-profit, professional trade association …


Traffic Notice: The City of Boston Accommodates the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

There will be no parking on Day Boulevard from I street to the Farragut Road on Saturday September 27th from 10 pm until 12 PM on Sunday September 28th to accommodate the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. All lanes will be used for the race and …


Berklee's Valencia Campus Doubles Enrollment in its Third Year, Former Fox Music President Robert Kraft Joins the Faculty

Berklee's Valencia Campus Doubles Enrollment in its Third Year, Former Fox Music President Robert Kraft Joins the Faculty  Berklee College of Music, the world’s leading college for contemporary music, welcomed 148 students from 31 different …


The City of Medford Asks Its Citizens Not to Drain Their Pools to the Street

It is against the law in Medford to allow or cause anything other than stormwater to go down the stormdrains in Medford.  This means that you may not empty your pool down your driveway and into the street in Medford. When you do so, you are …


When Saving for College, Parents Should Do Their Homework

BOSTON - As students return to the classroom, college savings experts are encouraging parents to do their own homework and create a plan for how they will pay for their children's higher education.  During College Savings Month in September, the …


IBM Grants Nonprofits Technology Consulting to Help Better Serve the Community

IBM maintains a community-relation funding arm which primarily supports specific projects and programs that IBM has initiated. Its main focus is education and youth development. The foundation also provides smaller grants in the areas of adult …




Fund for Shared Insight Invites Nonprofits to Apply for Grants of up to 20% of Organization’s Annual Budget

Shared Insight emerged from our belief that foundations will be more effective and make an even bigger difference in the world if we are more open – if we share what we are learning and are open to what others want to share with us, including …


Health Resources & Services Administration Creates Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program

Health Resources & Services Administration invites applications for the Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program (HTPCP).  The goal of this program is to promote access to health care for children, youth and their families …


Greenovate Boston Needs Your Help with a Photo for the 2014 Climate Action Plan

We need your help finding the perfect photo for the cover of the 2014 Climate Action Plan! Tell us where the photo was taken and why you think it should be on the cover of Boston's 2014 Climate Action Plan. Submit your photo today - The …


New England Aquarium Hosts the ClimaTeens Program

Each fall, the New England Aquarium hosts the ClimaTeens program, and selects a co-hort of teens (14-18 year-olds) who are interested in learning about climate change and how to communicate the issues to peers and community members. Apply now to …


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